Safety Officers, Firemen, first aiders, Industrial Safety Guards, Security Inspectors, Safety Experts, commanders, Rijnmond Safety Solutions keeps fine tuning quality in order to achieve maximum safety. Our staff will continuously train our teams to keep them sharp for every situation. The understanding of good safety aspects, as well as the importance of a good team!
  • For areas with high risk.A complete safety solution.
  • Delivering teams to companies in the heavy industry.(Gas, Oil, Petrochemicals) throughout the Netherlands.
  • Rijnmond Safety Solutions BV offers qualified employees.For your safety teams.

Not only Fireman

Expert safety specialists for your team.
Expert safety specialists for your team

Rijnmond Safety

Rijnmond Safety arranges for you safety experts, firemen, emergency response teams or first aiders, working with high safety standards and responsibly..

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Let Us Lead Your Team Into Safety
Safety training

Team spirit, safety knowledge

Rijnmond Safety can also train your existing teams in terms of safety. Together with the awareness of safety, we reinforce their team spirit.

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Safety equipment

Rental of safety equipment

Instantly the right equipment.

Rijnmond Safety can also deliver your safety equipment. Avoid outdated equipment, let us measure and make it available 24/7.

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